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Vintage Black Glamour: Pioneering cartoonist Zelda “Jackie” Ormes

Pioneering cartoonist Zelda “Jackie” Ormes. Born to a well-to-do family in Pittsburgh in 1911, Ormes created popular cartoon and comics series like Torchy Brown and Candy, that appeared in African American newspapers like the Pittsburgh Courier and the Chicago Defender from 1937 to 1956. Her cartoon Patty-Jo ‘n Ginger inspired the creation of the Patty-Jo doll, an upscale, brown-skinned doll that was a direct contrast to the black dolls of the day that depicted black children as raggedy “picaninnies.” Jackie Ormes herself said, “No more… Sambos… Just KIDS!“

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”250” caption=”Patty-Jo ‘n Ginger comic by Jackie Ormes. The caption reads: “Gosh—Thanks if you’re beggin’ for me—But how’s about getting our rich Uncle Sam to put good public schools all over so we can be trained fit for any college?” “][/caption]

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”250” caption=”“Patty-Jo ‘n Ginger,” a 1940s comic strip by Jackie Ormes, a rare female cartoonist of the day. The cartoon depicted middle class Patty Jo and her little sister Ginger in various slice-of-life situations - a sharp contrast to persistent negative images that often appeared in the media. “Patty-Jo ‘n Ginger” began appearing exclusively in the Pittsburgh Courier in 1946.”][/caption]

Pick up Nancy Goldstein’s wonderful book, Jackie Ormes: The First African-American Woman Cartoonist, to learn even more about Ms. Ormes. According to Ms. Goldstein, people who knew Jackie Ormes say that she modeled some of her characters after herself, beautifully dressed and outspoken about issues of the day. Ms. Ormes was one of many artists who were investigated by the House of Un-American activities during the McCarthy era. She also led a very full, interesting social life in Chicago and was friendly with celebrities like Eartha Kitt and Duke Ellington. She died in 1985.

via Vintage Black Glamour.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Mood.

We have all had those days, those really bad days. I hate being in a bad mood so I’ve started to do these steps and they really do help!!

Wash away your problems in a steamy shower.
Set aside fifteen minutes every morning or night for your soothing soak. It’ll help untangle your thoughts and leave you feeling clean and content.

Strap on a pair of sneakers and go for a brisk walk.
Walk to class rather than taking a shuttle, or hop on the treadmill at the gym and walk next time you’re watching Grey’s Anatomy (Briana’s favorite show). Thirty minutes of physical activity can make the tensions and even feelings of depression and turn them into vigor.

Find your favorite music station at Pandora and crank up the volume of your computer.
Listening to music statistically brightens your mood.

Lay down your head on a pillow and get 20 to 30 minutes of shut-eye.
We all love to take that mid-afternoon nap. Napping improves your alertness and mood.

Watch a funny video on YouTube
Part of your brain registers the laughter, and then it prepares muscles in the face to move to the sound—even if only into a smile. I personally like to watch Miss Prada’s videos.

Munch on a handful of walnuts.
While chocolate has long been associated as girl’s best friends when it comes to comfort food, try some nuts or treating yourself to a fancy freshwater fish dinner—these omega-3 foods are what nutritionists consider mood-enhancers, especially recommended to help reduce depression.

Bare your teeth, curl your lips, and your mood can improve.

Drop negative people.
Talking with the Negative Nancies and frenemies in your life can make you more depressed and negative as well—part of what psychologists call the emotional contagion, when mood is contagious through communication.

Unleash your creative side and work on an arts-and-crafts project.
Drawing and various arts projects can boost your spirits when you’re feeling down.

Plan to do some volunteering.

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#3GM Takes New York

A preview to the adventure!


03. 27. 12. 11:04 am

Diggy B-day Party in ATL! (Video)

Diggy’s 17th birthday celebration was wild this past weekend at Cascade Family Skating in Atlanta. Fans were invited out to take pictures, get autographs and skate with Diggy! Check out our video from the party:

-Your favorite chick on the mic, B.

05. 18. 12. 04:14 pm

Will Smith Slaps Reporter [Video]

During the premiere of Men in Black 3, Will Smith slaps a reporter after the reporter tries to kiss him in the mouth. In the video you can see Will Smith is pretty taken aback when the man grabs him around the shoulder and attempts to smooch him. It is hilarious how he confronts him on it and the poor reporter seems completely confused, with his “what did I do wrong?” look. Watch for yourself:

Be sure to catch Men in Black 3 in theaters May 25th!

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New Hair Color for Whitney? We Need Your Help!!

So its just about that time for me to get my hair dyed again. My red has washed all out and I need your help to chose a new color!!!!

Kim Kardashian Hair Color

Jessica Alba Hair Color

Kasia Smutnia Hair Color

[polldaddy poll=5807537]

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#3GM Super Bowl 2012

Last night we went to a Super Bowl party, #TheRematch, @ Spanish Harlem. I must admit we had a blast!! Yea, yea we mainly watch the Super Bowl for the half-time show! Sooo to actually make the game interesting, we decided to ask some guys very interesting questions about the fascinating game and we even got them to dance!! lol


Your favorite chick on the mic, B.

03. 11. 12. 02:20 pm

3GM Old Episodes: Battle of the Sexes Valentines Day

Unless you’ve been under a rock you know that Whitney and Briana have been in New York all week so we didn’t do a show today BUT I went through our old episodes and I thought it would be good to pick one of my favorites. I chose one of the Battle of the Sexes because they’re always the best ones! So play this old episode this week and we’ll back with a new one next week!

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Charlie Rose

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Sex In the News Presents : Adam and Eve Adult Store

It’s summer time ladies and gentlemen! No need to worry about getting a summer boo for alittle sexy time! With Adam and Eve Adult Online Store, you can have sexy time with yourself!

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Now I know some of us may have significant others and from time to time things may get a little boring so what better way to spice things up than sitting down with your man and browsing through Adam and Eve’s online catalogue? Between the sexy lingerie, the toys specially designed for women, and custom made toys for men you’re BOUND to find something for you and your man.

Now not all of us are boo’d up (*cough* Charlotte and Whitney*cough*) so that may leave you a little aroused and lonely? Now all of us know a man is not always needed to achieve the big O and to conveniently stop yourself from catching arthritis in your hand Adam and Eve has some of the most innovative vibrators on their site, so give your hand a rest and see which vibrator interests you the most!

As if the toys weren’t enough, the store also has thousands of Adult DVDs. Ever had a special fantasy? Chances are if you dreamed about it Adam and Eve have a video for it. From westerns to fetishes to pirates Adam and Eve have it all.

If your not too big on browsing online and you like to the old fashion magazine catalog browsing you can request a a free one and voila! A magazine will be delivered straight to your door in a few business days.

We at 3GM are all about sexual freedom (as well as safety kids, wrap it up!) so head on over to Adam and Eve Adult Store for America’s most trusted source for adult products!

They sell things for EVERYONE! And for a very reasonable price! With that said why are you still reading this post? You should be on there website!!!

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