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How (Not) To Ruin A Relationship Before It Even Begins

Dating is very hard. Its twice as hard when your in college. Between weeding out the losers from the winners , the dogs from the potential boyfriends. Its very tiring. But sometimes there is that one guy that you have your eye on! Here are a few ways not to ruin your potential relationship before it even starts.

Acting like this way RUIN all chances of a relationship:
Being too unavailable… or available
Be a tease.
Brag about yourself
Reveal your baggage too early
Trying to make him jealous
Saying words like “bra”. (Don’t act like a guy.)
Wearing overly revealing clothes
Drunk calling and/or texting

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Why being single during the holidays rocks.

Between being bombarded by the corny he-went-to-Jared commercials and coupons for couple’s skating specials, it can be easy to feel miserable because you dont have a boo thing. But think about the bright side of things! Here are reasons why being single during the holidays rocks!

Fewer Presents to Purchase
Let’s be real here, shopping for your family and close friends can be more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. So having a boyfriend only adds to the holiday stress. You save time and money!!! Now you can go buy yourself those heels you’ve been eyeing at Cherry Bomb and the only stress you have is how to assemble the perfect ensemble to go with it.

Only Your Skinny Jeans Will Notice a Bit of Holiday Weight Gain
That top button from your jeans may not be as friendly with your tummy as it was the week before, but you can go home and befriend a different pair of pants until they make up. Christmas treats are truly best enjoyed during December, but with a boyfriend you might feel pressure to ignore a certain course of your meal. When you’re ridin’ solo, feel free to gorge on your favorite morsels and know you’ll take care of it later, with no justification to anyone but yourself.

Mistletoe Provides the Perfect Excuse to Kiss Whomever You’d Like
And you can do the same when the clock strikes midnight as the calendar flips pages. Go to a bar on New Years or a friend’s party around Christmas and you’ll likely have the urge to cuddle up with at least one cutie you’ve yet to meet. With mistletoe conveniently hanging and glittery disco balls opportunely descending at midnight, be brave and go kiss that guy you’ve been checking out. Everyone is happy to be celebrating, and while I’m no psychologist, I like to think that it lowers the chance of being rejected.

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New Hair Color for Whitney? We Need Your Help!!

So its just about that time for me to get my hair dyed again. My red has washed all out and I need your help to chose a new color!!!!

Kim Kardashian Hair Color

Jessica Alba Hair Color

Kasia Smutnia Hair Color

[polldaddy poll=5807537]

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10 Ways To Improve Your Mood.

We have all had those days, those really bad days. I hate being in a bad mood so I’ve started to do these steps and they really do help!!

Wash away your problems in a steamy shower.
Set aside fifteen minutes every morning or night for your soothing soak. It’ll help untangle your thoughts and leave you feeling clean and content.

Strap on a pair of sneakers and go for a brisk walk.
Walk to class rather than taking a shuttle, or hop on the treadmill at the gym and walk next time you’re watching Grey’s Anatomy (Briana’s favorite show). Thirty minutes of physical activity can make the tensions and even feelings of depression and turn them into vigor.

Find your favorite music station at Pandora and crank up the volume of your computer.
Listening to music statistically brightens your mood.

Lay down your head on a pillow and get 20 to 30 minutes of shut-eye.
We all love to take that mid-afternoon nap. Napping improves your alertness and mood.

Watch a funny video on YouTube
Part of your brain registers the laughter, and then it prepares muscles in the face to move to the sound—even if only into a smile. I personally like to watch Miss Prada’s videos.

Munch on a handful of walnuts.
While chocolate has long been associated as girl’s best friends when it comes to comfort food, try some nuts or treating yourself to a fancy freshwater fish dinner—these omega-3 foods are what nutritionists consider mood-enhancers, especially recommended to help reduce depression.

Bare your teeth, curl your lips, and your mood can improve.

Drop negative people.
Talking with the Negative Nancies and frenemies in your life can make you more depressed and negative as well—part of what psychologists call the emotional contagion, when mood is contagious through communication.

Unleash your creative side and work on an arts-and-crafts project.
Drawing and various arts projects can boost your spirits when you’re feeling down.

Plan to do some volunteering.

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Louis Vuitton files lawsuit on celebrities…Justin Bieber.

Louis Vuitton is getting sick and tired of celebrities hiring tailors to rip off their brand.

Justin Bieber wore a jacket to the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas that caught the eye of fashionistas who thought the jacket was custom made by the iconic brand. A rep in the LV corporate office told reporters “The jacket Bieber is wearing is a cheap knockoff of the Louis Vuitton brand.” The rep pointed out the red LEVI’s tag on the jacket pocket as proof that the jacket is a counterfeit.

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Flash Mob Style “Random Act of Kindness” Friday, November 18, 2011

On Friday, November 18, 2011

This is an open invitation to all citizens of all ages and all backgrounds to get involved and help make this act of kindness a day that the recipients will remember for years to come! This act of kindness will include several organizations, community leaders and hopefully YOU!  To sign up please email give@justgottagive.org.

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Check It Out: Good Christmas Music Video (Super Funny)

Check this video out. It is too funny for words.

Good Christmas

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Wedding Proposal At UCLA = Public Humiliation

What woman doesn’t want to be proposed to at a college basketball game? Midway through the game, UCLA’s “Mistletoe Cam” cut to a couple seated courtside. The man reaches into his pocket, pulls out a ring and says, “I knew that I was going to do this since the first day that I met you, and I figured now was as good a time as any.” His girlfriend’s response when he gets down on one knee and pops the question? Well, let’s just say it involved an awkward pause and running in the other direction. Its makes you want to cry!

Check the video out!!!!

UCLA marrage proposal fail on jumbo vision.

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Beyonce Baby’s Birth.. was it too over the top?

The couple reportedly shelled out a whopping $1.3 million to take over an entire floor at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side.

Hospital staffers were forced to turn over their cell phones and instructed to cover the lenses of the floor’s security cameras with tape.

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Cute Easy Hair Styles.

I love these hair styles. They are really easy and super cute. Perfect for your Valentine’s Day Date.

How-to:Fishtail Braid

1. Pull hair to one side, then split it in half.

2. Fishtail-braid one pieces and secure with an elastic at the end.

3. Braid the other piece and wrap it around the fishtail braid at ear level. Use bobby pins to secure.

4. Don’t worry about loose pieces falling out — it adds to the boho-vibe!

How-to: Artsy Braids

1. To add height, tease the hair in front, then spritz it with a flexible hold hairspray.

2. Split hair in two from the back, then take each section and separate into two pieces.

3. Twist and tie hair in knots (like shoelaces) and repeat until you get to the end. Use a heavy shot of hairspray at the ends to hold the style.

How-to: High Ponytail

1.Add a quarter-size amount of shine serum all over to make your hair look glossy.

2.Brush hair into a high pony; secure with an elastic. Wrap a 1”-wide piece of hair from the pony around the base, then pin.

3.Tease your pony all over, then apply hairspray to smooth down stray hairs.

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