40 Percent Of Waiters Discriminate Against Black Customers

Any black person who goes out to eat on a regular basis already knows what a survey published in the Journal of Black Studies proves;40 percent of waiters admit they discriminate against black customers because of a perception they don’t tip as much as white patrons, according to the Daily Mail.

200 waiters at a variety of large chain restaurants (87% of wwaiters surveyed where white) in North Carolina.

Basically a 1/3 of waiters surveyed admit to giving black customers lesser service. In the survey waiters described black customers often described as picky, demanding, and rude.

Zachary W. Brewster and Sarah Nell Rusche, authors of the survey assert that,

Despite popular claims that racism and discrimination are no longer salient issues in contemporary society, members of racially underrepresented groups continue to experience disparate treatment in everyday public interactions.

Translation, racism exist and minorities feel it in as million different ways everyday. While many of us can name black people who are cheap, rude, and demanding they certainly don’t represent ALL of us!

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